Artes Vivendi & BioRICS aim to develop and manage a best- in-class esports team based upon a scientific approach by experienced professionals using unique technology and setting the new industry-standards on the level of health, management and sustainability.


BioRICS translates objective, real-time measurements into insights in metabolic energy balances and raises awareness about people’s personal health and performance.

It supports individuals and specialists to improve the health and wellbeing of humans and animals through early warning and advice.

BioRICS has developed algorithms and built a sound expertise to apply them in the field of human condition monitoring (physical condition, mental status, sleep quality and sleepiness). These algorithms are application-specific and have been made fit for integration into new, cutting-edge products of BioRICS and their customers. 


Help people to better “connect” with their body, by giving insight on how their body responds to specific events in daily life (physical activity, mental pressure, anxiety, high workload, sleepiness, etc.).

Make monitoring easy and fun by supplying attractive wearable soft- and hardware.

Become a reference and world class company in physical and mental status monitoring by offering a solution and not only a measurement tool. 

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