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Healthy Esports

We acknowledge how stressful daily life can be nowadays. The human body is exposed to even more tension and stress when intensively playing esports matches. Therefore, esports should be treated like other sports competitions.
Our mission is to promote a balanced life with a focus on long-term health. We envision a 360° approach that not only boosts the athlete’s performance, but also makes esports an integral part of an overall healthy lifestyle. We believe in the holistic view, where both mind and body play an important role in a person’s well being. We encourage the players to focus on being the best version of themselves, not solely as a gamer.
With experienced professionals, working evidence-based, we therefore wish to educate, guide, coach and advice both casual and professional players and their entourage. Moreover, we want to help them handling common and well-known pitfalls they may encounter, such as eye fatigue, back pain or addiction. However, other lesser-known health risks need to be considered. Some of these risks include, but are not limited to:
  • Physical: fluctuations in hydration and other physiological parameters, sleep difficulties, injuries
  • Mental: awareness, mood swings, stress, performance anxiety, burn-out
  • Social: impact on personal life and relations, both in- or outside the esports community, changing team dynamics
  • Feasible time management and having a sustainable daily routine

If one of the aforementioned aspects gets severely or chronically compromised, it will translate in a lower performance. Step-by-step, we assist in optimising the gameplay while at the same time monitoring the player’s fitness. The goal is to incorporate healthy habits as to prevent exhaustion and depletion. Mens sana in corpore sano. Gaming is not the most important element, the person is. Excellence in esports is just a reflection of the gamer’s general mind-set, growth and development.

Artes Vivendi strives to remediate all possible risks, creating an environment in which our Stars can up their performance through the assistance of fitness experts, mental coaches, nutritionists, medical professionals and data analysis.
Master your game, Write your story.

Green esports

Over two billion people worldwide play games regularly, and that number will only grow over the next years.

Over two billion people worldwide Esport players, intensive gaming, will generate around 1,100 kWh per year or more. That is well over the average electrical cost for other household appliances. High-end gamers will spend as much as $2,200 over the course of five years on the energy required to power their gaming habit. That will also pump as much as 2,000 pounds of carbon emissions into the atmosphere each year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, that is the equivalent of 2,250 miles driven by the average passenger vehicle or of about 115,000 charges of a smartphone.

Of course, gaming isn’t contained to just inside your walls at home. According to a 2015 report these data centers are responsible for about 2 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions — about the same amount generated by the entire aviation industry.

These figures also don’t account for all the emissions that are associated with gaming. Twitch is a wildly popular platform where people can stream themselves playing games for others to watch in real-time. More people watch gaming content on Twitch and YouTube than tune in to ESPN, Netflix and HBO combined, according to Nielsen research. In total, people spent more than 355 billion hours watching Twitch alone in 2017.

Artes Vivendi uses for webhosting, a US based company that compensates their carbon footprint 3 times over in CO2 carbon certificates. Also we use the web browser ecosia. Furthermore we use renewable energy as much as possible and aim to be CO2 neutral in the near future.

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